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Earrings - Handmade Beaded Earrings - Lisa Weir JewelleryEar piercing is one of the earliest known forms of body modification and much early evidence suggests that earrings were a predominantly male ornament. In Tutankhamen’s tomb the Pharaoh’s earlobes are seen to be perforated but there are no earrings present suggesting that, then as now, in Egypt earrings were worn mainly by children. Ancient Assyrians wore earrings to indicate that they belonged to a higher social class. During the Middle Ages the Church banned the wearing of earrings and it became an ornament associated with pirates, prostitutes, thieves and those generally outside respectable society. By Renaissance times, however, earrings were back and it became popular amongst the gentlemen of the English Court to sport pearls and little gold rings in their ears. The Chandos portrait of William Shakespeare shows him wearing a small golden hoop earring, a fashion emblematic of poets and romantics. Of course, all’s changed since then and now earrings are some of the most popular forms of jewellery amongst women.

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Earrings – The Secret Final Touch

I believe that earrings are the secret final touch to dressing up for an evening out. They frame the face and complement your eyes. I love to bead tassel earrings that gently sway as you move (or dance!) Swarovski crystals are little light bombs and I often position them at the bottom of my Beaded Tassels so they catch the light and sparkle brilliantly. My Chevron Hoops series of earrings are for a more youthful daytime look: I handstitch tiny delica seed beads so they form a traditional chevron pattern and the hoops give the final boho look I’m searching for. My Fringe Earrings are inspired by the flapper 1920’s style associated with the Great Gatsby: black and gold and architectural in style they speak of a time of easy glamour and sophistication. My Chandelier Earrings range incorporate precious gemstones and seed beads to form a more intricate and ornate style; I often refer to them as my baroque babies! They are designed to make a statement and all you need next is a little black dress and a touch of sass.

Handmade Beaded Earrings for SS 2016

Check out some of my new handmade beaded earrings for SS 2016 and make sure to check out my full collection for more!

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