Great Value Czech Crystal Earrings Only €20

Crystal Earrings €20

CRYSTAL BEADED EARRINGS IN MINT GREEN AND AMBERAnnouncing my new collection of Czech Crystal Earrings for only €20 a pair. I’ve spoken before about how happy I was to discover these beautiful hand-made, fire-polished glass beads from the Czech Republic and now here are some early results. I really hope you like them. Mounted on my signature cards and ready to go inside a sweet organza gift bag these earrings make super presents.

When it comes to earrings I generally like to keep things simple and not too fussy. That close to your face and really all you want is a little subtle accent to clinch an outfit and complete your look. Also, I personally can’t tolerate heavy earrings – gone are the days when I happily sported earrings the size of small statues (the 80’s bless ’em). Now anything heavier than a pea and I get a headache so most of my earrings are barely noticeable weight-wise. Maybe that’s important to you too.  The colour range of these beads is fantastic and the finish is top quality. I’m keeping designs simple as I want to offset the beauty of the beads without too much interference. I will be adding more earrings and bracelets to the collection over the next few weeks so keep an eye out:) Lisa


Crystal Earrings €20Crystal Earrings €20

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