Lovehearts Necklaces perfect Valentine’s Day

Lovehearts Necklace just perfect for this Valentine’s Day but perfect all year round too. Part of my floating bead necklace series these tiny little hematite hearts are just so cute and perfect strung on their own in this minimalist design. They needed nothing else. I wanted to show off each bead on its own so used a technique called floating bead where each bead is knotted individually on a cord so it looks like it’s floating in place. The effect is simple and sweet and has a very youthful delicate appeal. My teenage daughter grabbed this one straight off the press!

Hematite is a naturally occurring material and is the mineral form of iron. It appears in a variety of forms one of which is rust and another is responsible for the reddish colour of the Martian landscape! And in terms of crystal healing hematite is associated with helping you feel grounded and connected to the earth.

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