National Crafts and Design Fair 2014 RDS

Slowly recovering from a wonderful time at this year’s Craft Fair at the RDS. A five day marathon starting with three 12 hour days (by the time Saturday came round working till 7 felt like a half day) my feet were complaining but I was very happy indeed. This was my first year showing and what a fruitful experience it was. I met so many lovely people and was constantly amazed by the number of people who told me they came religiously every year, often from far parts of the country.

I got a very positive response to my jewellery and given the rush of sales on Wednesday was initially worried I would run out of stock. Luckily I had enough to stay the course. Most of my sales are online so it’s always very nice to meet people directly. I learnt a lot about what sells and what customers are looking for. I sold at least three times as many short necklaces as long and if I’d made another 50 blue sodalite necklaces I still would’ve sold out. Younger women love my chevron fringe earrings and my friendship bracelets sold out like proverbial hotcakes. Black, red and gold are other favourites. Grey not so much, though personally I love it, especially teamed with silver. People were genuinely interested to hear how my pieces were made and about the materials I use. I met lots of crafters interested in beading and no less than 2 geology experts with whom I had fascinating discussions about semi-precious gemstones. Many thanks to my friends, neighbours and family who came in to say Hello and fetch me life-saving cups of coffee.

The Craft Fair is such a fantastic event with lots of positive good energy. Ireland has so many talented and creative people and we really should be more proud of ourselves!

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