Nature as Inspiration

Jewellery Inspired by Nature

Like a lot of artists and crafters a lot of my work is inspired by Nature so often when I’m photographing finished pieces I have this irresistible urge to place them back in nature as that is where they seem to belong. Just recently I’ve been placing a lot of work alongside the spring flowers in my garden. They may not have been inspired directly by these flowers; it’s just that I like how they look together. Glass, metal, stone look at home in nature. I am most definitely not one of those bling jewellers and I have a strong personal dislike for synthetic plastic jewellery where necklaces, earrings etc. not only look trashy they also feel trashy. That’s not to say I don’t like the costume jewellery you see in retail shops. On the contrary some high street shops are very good at producing tasteful but low cost jewellery: Fatface for one and sometimes Next. To me a simple ceramic bead strung on a plain piece of leather is more beautiful than any exquisitely wrought diamond ring. It’s a question of taste and for me anyway the closer the piece of jewellery is to its original source in nature, both in material and theme, then the more likely it is I’ll like it.

Jasper and Silver Earrings

Blue Stone Necklace with Silver Charms

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