St Patrick’s Day Celtic Knot Friendship Bracelet Set

Apple Green Friendship Bracelet

St Patricks Day Bracelet Set


I attended a typical Irish Catholic Primary School in Dublin during the early 1970s and yes, a lot the time it was a bit grim, to say the least, but there were of course some happy times too and, for me, one of the highlights on the school calendar was St.Patrick’s Day.

A couple of days beforehand the teacher would put away the books and pens and turn instead to the most thrilling place on earth for me: the Art cupboard. Out would come the dowdy coloured sugar paper and cow gum (I still remember that awful smell and I suppose the name should have hinted at its origins but I just never made the connection) Next, she would rummage round and pull out the box of scissors – and a sorry collection of blunt and bockety excuses for scissors they were! If we were lucky there might be a few green ribbons or maybe even some gold card. But no such thing then as glitter glue or sticky backed jewels. Still, I loved all this because it meant that today was the day we got to make our St Patrick’s Day badges.

We didn’t tend to vary our designs much and why would we when we were so pleased with ourselves? Merrily we folded up accordion pleated circles in green paper and mounted them with white paper discs with hand-drawn Irish flags or shamrocks (tricky to master but eventually I got the knack: three little hearts joined by one triangular stalk). Sometimes we would attach paper ribbons at the bottom never failing to be warmed by the sight of the lovely green tendrils of paper we’d curled with our pencils. The hard bit was attaching the safety pin on the back. I don’t remember having sellotape and cow gum took an age to dry out. We were always too impatient to wait and so we would hurriedly pin on our wet badges  through our woolly jumpers and more often than not they fell apart on the spot and rarely make it to the big day. Still, our enthusiasm for the project never waned.

And I suppose I still got something of that little flutter of pleasure today as I designed and made this macrame friendship bracelet set especially for St.Patrick’s Day, though I hope my designs have become a little more sophisticated. I hand knotted the bracelets adding in traditional celtic knot charms, preferring them to the proverbial shamrocks, and narrowed the variety from fifty to three shades of greens: mint, olive and apple. I hope you like them! And Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

Celtic Knot Friendship Bracelet Set in Olive Green
Mint Green Celtic Knot Friendship Bracelet Set

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