Top-Selling Gifts for Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day

We here in Ireland have just recently celebrated Mother’s Day which is always exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. (In the U.S.  it falls on the second Sunday in May so that makes it May 10th this year.) Like most calendar events it’s been hijacked by commercial enterprises looking to cash in where they can, pushing all sorts of enticements on us to buy flowers, cards, meals out. I don’t have a problem with that at all. As a mother and daughter myself, I think it’s only right to mark Mother’s Day with some token of recognition. Of course, we jewellers love Mother’s Day too, as jewellery has recently joined the list of most popular gifting items on this special day.

Jade Necklace with Gold Charms and Tassel

Jade Necklace with Gold Charms and Tassel

Men buying for Women?

long thin gold strand.on blue

Long thin gold necklace

I somehow imagined when I first started selling my jewellery that the bulk of my business would come from men buying for women. Not so! I am constantly amazed at how much of my customer base at markets and craft fairs is made up of mother/daughter combos: whether it’s mothers buying for daughters, or daughters buying for mothers, or mothers buying for daughters-in-law and vice versa, a good deal of my business goes to this winning combination. There’s something very heart-warming watching a woman selecting jewellery for her mother or daughter; there’s that wonderful desire to see the other person looking their best, to gift them with something special that you have chosen especially for them, something meaningful that will last through time and always remind them of you. Women often spend sums on each other they would never dream of spending on themselves; almost as though they’re encouraging them to treat themselves, to value who they are and how important they are in their family structure.

Top-Selling Mother’s Day Gifts

And what are the top-selling items between mothers and daughters? Well, without doubt it’s necklaces. Usually my short choker and pendant length neckpieces. You love my semi-precious stone pieces and tend to choose colours that complement your mother’s/daughter’s taste in clothes. And of course gold and silver details clinch it.

Well, however you choose to celebrate your mother this Mother’s Day know that it’s true when they say it’s the thought that counts. No amount of money spent can mean as much as the written word inside that card!

Short Jasper Stone Necklace with Gold charms

Short Jasper Stone Necklace with Gold charms


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