Top Selling Gold Tassel Earrings this Spring/Summer 2015

Top Sellers


Gold tassel earrings

Gold Tassel Earrings popular all year round

I’m often asked what are my top selling designs and to be honest my answer changes at different times of the year. Summertime comes and we tend to roll up our sleeves and start sporting more bracelets. That’s when I sell a lot of my friendship bracelets and leather wrap bracelets as you ladies like to layer up those wrists. Styles become more daywear oriented and colours brighter: whites, blues, turquoise, and silver whereas in winter we like to bring out the glamour – gold predominates and not surprisingly colours become richer and warmer: red, plum, orange, purple and any number of browns. One design though that sells all year round are my tassel earrings in 24 carat gold plate seed beads.

Gold Tassel Earrings

I first spotted tassel earrings on the catwalk at Oscar de la Renta’s show – they were incredible: big, bold and beautiful, real statement pieces but like a lot of things you see on the catwalk when I checked them out in reality I thought they were clunky, overly large and overpriced. I didn’t like the colours either. The challenge was on. I love working with Miyuki seed beads and was doing a lot of work with their tiny 24 carat gold plate seed beads. The colour was just brilliant and I knew they would work well. What I didn’t realise was how long they would take to make – my first pair took me nearly 8 hours to make. I’ve become quicker but they still take a lot of time as they are so intricate and tiny. Immediately they were a success. My friend Kelle who’s Japanese ordered a pair and they looked amazing with her black hair and rich skin tone. Now every time I get an order I always make a second pair as I know it won’t be long before another order comes in; it could come anywhere in this global village that is our planet and I like to think about all these different women, in different parts of the world, sharing a common taste and hopefully feeling good about themselves while wearing my gold tassel earrings .

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