Turquoise – Theme Colour for Summer

Well, here in Dublin Spring has definitely sprung and so I am currently putting together my summer collection of jewellery. Inevitably, for me, that means working with turquoise. There’s something about turquoise that puts me in mind of sunny skies, long beach walks and sand between my toes. It’s the quintessential colour of summer. So my workbench is now littered with turquoise gemstone beads, turquoise gemstone chips, turquoise coloured seed beads and turquoise cord and all  the complimentary shades in between from dark teal to pale mint.

blog turquoise The perfect partner to turquoise is gold of course. I love how the two work together to become something more than the sum of their parts. It’s an ancient team of course and the Egyptians were amongst the earliest craftspeople to use this winning combination as can be seen in much of their jewellery and sculpture. Sourced from mines in The Sinai Peninsula the turquoise tended to be greener than the blue we associate with turquoise today much like Chinese turquoise in fact (see photo below). These mines are now mostly deplete and the word turquoise, which dates to the 16th century, is derived from an old french word for “Turkish”, because the mineral was first brought to Europe from Turkey.

blog turquoise chipsTurquoise is currently mined in nearly all four corners of the globe from Iran to the U.S., Chile and Mexico, to Afghanistan, China, India and even Australia.

As well as gold, red also makes for a wonderful partner with turquoise. I often use it in small doses to lend accent and balance to the turquoise, with gold acting as go-between. I’m using some lovely red coral beads to finish my turquoise and gold fringe earrings which have proved a popular choice amongst buyers. I also like to combine it into my leather wrap bracelets and find the combination works well in matte shades also.

So when the sun does finally decide to shine her light I’ll be armed and ready with my turquoise and gold goodies to make you feel beautiful!

Beaded Chevron White Leather Wrap Bracelet - Handmade Beaded Braclets - Lisa Weir JewelleryTurquoise and Gold Fringe Earrings

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